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At Triwee you can find the best 3D Anet printers at affordable prices, with total guarantee and all the advice of our team to launch them.

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Anet Technology was born in 2015 in the technological Chinese city of Shenzen. It produces more than 3D printers a month at its facilities, which have more than 200 employees, and sells them in more than 70 countries around the globe.

Their FFF 3D printers are very popular and a quick, easy and low-cost option for those who want to start 3D printing or enjoy it without complications. In melted deposition (FDM) or fused filament fabrication (FFF) the melted plastic is forming layers that overlap each other.

Anet 3D printers, simple and resistant

Anet 3D printers are designed to last a long time thanks to the aluminum frame that incorporates some of them. They have a compact size, a stable structure, and you should not worry about their integrity with possible blackouts, light cuts or filament breakages. The printing resuming system that incorporates some models will retake the creation of your piece exactly where it left.

You will find everything you need to maintain your 3D Anet printer at the Triwee store.

Some Anet 3D printer models

  • A8V2: It has a 3D printing volume of 220 x 220 x 250 mm. It is quite quiet thanks to its new silent 32-bit base plate, which greatly reduces the amount of noise.
  • ET4 Pro: Contains a filament detection system with automatic filament load to resume printing in case of light cutting or exhausting the filament. Its leveling is automatic with a simple assembly and has a large building area.
  • ET5 Pro: Print size of 300 x 300 x 400 mm. It has filament detention, automatic resumption. Mounting in 10 minutes, full color LCD touch screen of 3.5 inches and much more.