Spare parts and accessories

Buy accessories and spare parts for 3D printers

In Triwee We have a wide range of spare parts and accessories to keep your 3D printer in optimal condition at reduced prices. In addition, if you need support to use them, you will have the support and support of our technical service when you need it.

Among the accessories and spare parts models available are the brands Creality, Dimafix, Esun, Magigoo, Monoprice, Polymaker, Smart Materials, Triwee and Zortrax. If you are looking for a piece for a specific brand, you can also filter it on the page Triwee.

Accessories in our catalogue

  • Adhesives: They are used for better adhesion in the 3D printer printing bed. You can easily improve the adherence of your models with a spray adhesive, stick or stick stick or stick or with special films. In Triwee you will find adhesives in spray format or mark bar as Smart Materials, Dimafix, Magigoo Or Monocure.
  • Complements: They serve to increase the functionality of 3D printers. Thus, among some of the accessories you can find in Triwee are filament polishers, storage boxes, printer housings, washing and healing machines, or Wifi boxes and smart assistants.
  • Consumables: In this section you will find other items such as needles, nozzle covers, film, photocured protective covers, automatic leveling tools, printer holders or even tool briefs.
  • 3D scanners: If you are looking to replicate an object for your 3D printing or preservation, this is the place. 3D scanners for sale Triwee are ready to use without complicated calibrations and accurately capture 3D forms to convert them into millions of modifiable information points. They work by projecting a laser point or line on an object to, then, capture its reflex with sensors and get the details of all its sides and angles.
  • Extruders: 3D printer extruders are responsible for pushing the filament to your nozzle. They are usually formed by a pulley and a dented wheel. You can find different types of extruders for your 3D printer at the store Triwee.
  • Hotends: The hotends or fussors of 3D printers are a set of pieces through which the filament passes. They are responsible for casting the filament and placing it in the bed of the 3D printer. It consists of the following parts, namely a fan, a dissipator, a cannon, a heating block and a nozzle. You can find all of them separately or also in packs in our online store.
  • Spare parts: They are those parts of the 3D printer that can be easily changed by highlighting fans, nozzles, teflon tube among others such as nozzles, switches, belt kits, fiberglass boards, fans, pneumatic joints, etc. Among them are some of our main brands, among which are Creality and Monoprice. Spare parts and accessories of 3D printers Triwee have been previously tested by our technical team and offer the best guarantee and the best price with express shipping.