Buy BASF 3D printer filaments at the best price

In Triwee You can find the best 3D printer filaments of the BASF brand at affordable prices, with total guarantee and all the advice of our team to use them in your projects.

Some BASF 3D printer filaments

  • Ultrafuse ABS Fusion +: Optimized for 3D printing by FDM. Resistance to chemicals and heat, easy to print and with adherence to water-soluble support.
  • Ultrafuse ASA: High quality thermoplastic material with mechanical properties similar to those of ABS and additional advantages.
  • Ultrafuse BVOH: Water-soluble support material.
  • Ultrafuse PAHT CF15: High performance 3D printing material with advanced mechanical properties, dimensional stability and chemical resistance.
  • Ultrafuse PLA: Available in a multitude of colors, different sizes and nozzle diameters.
  • Ultrafuse PLA PRO1: Same features as the original PLA, but with higher printing speed and greater layer adhesion.
  • Ultrafuse PET: It is easily printed being more resistant than the PLA. It is 100% recyclable and compatible with all 3D printers.
  • Ultrafuse PET CF15: Contains 15% carbon fiber. High dimensional stability and very low humidity absorption.
  • Ultrafuse rPET: manufactured with 100% recycled material. Sustainable and high-length, it has the same properties as the original PET.
  • Ultrafuse PA: Materials suitable for working within a temperature range greater than normal PA filament.
  • Ultrafuse PP: High-performance thermoplastic materials with low density, high elasticity and high fatigue resistance. It can withstand great tension and deformation.
  • Ultrafuse PP GF30: Reinforced with 30% fiberglass.
  • Ultrafuse TPU 85A: High degrees of hardness besides being resistant to abrasion, slip and with great mechanical resistance.
  • Ultrafuse 17-4 PH: Materials for the production of metallic components in stainless steel 17-4 in FFF printers.

Buy BASF 3D printer filaments

The Dutch company BASF is one of the most competent in terms of FDM materials. Its materials are designed for 3D printing and provide high printing hours with exceptional finishes.