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Machine washed and cured UW-01 Creality

UW-01 washing and curing machine Creality

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The UW-01 from Creality is a 2 in 1 machine, on the one hand it washes your resin parts and on the other hand it cures them to achieve a perfect finish of the 3D printing parts


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Washing and curing machine UW-01 from Creality

The UW-01 from Creality is a multifunction machine that allows both washing and curing of the resin parts obtained by 3D printing (it is not a printer). Creality makes it easier and saves us a lot of time in the post processing of the finished resin models to get a fully professional finish for a fairly economical price

Features of the UW-01 machine Creality

The capacity of the UW-01 machine is large: 170 x 120 x 160 mm allowing large models. Its container and lid are sealed to prevent volatilization of the cleaning solution and can be used repeatedly

Flexible washing so you can do the washing process in the basket separately or together with the lower plates.

Self-adjusting water level support to adapt the wash to the size of the model.

Double row of UV LED lights with 18 lights for faster curing and homogeneous light distribution on the part. Also compatible with most 3D printing resins

360º rotatingplatform with magnetic force and reflective mirror ensuring the curing of the model from all angles

It has safety technology that automatically stops the process if it detects that the casing is removed

Operation of the UW-01 2 in 1 machine from Creality for 3D printing

Washing the UW-01

Place the finished model in the container with the chosen cleaner and press the button to start the washing process.

The touch buttons are very simple and allow you to set the timer and speed.

Once the cleaning process is complete you can close the container and save it for the next wash.

Curing the UW-01

When the part is already washed select the UV curing model. Thanks to the 18 wavelength lights of 385 nm and 405 nm you can cure models quickly and easily. In addition, the turntable will not leave an angle uncured

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225 x 225 x 370 mm
Construction chamber


Data sheet UW-01

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