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In Triwee You can find the best 3D printer filaments of the brand Liqcreate at affordable prices, with total guarantee and all the advice of our team to use them in your projects.

Some Liqcreate resins for 3D printers

  • Clear Impact: optically transparent photopolymer resin for SLA, DLP and MSLA technologies in the range from 385 to 405 nm.
  • Composite-X resin: Extremely rigid and high-performance nano-micro compound resin for SLA, DLP and LCD/MSLA in the range from 385 to 420 nm.
  • Deep Blue resin: General use photopolymer resin for DLP, SLA and LCD/MSLA technologies in the range from 385 to 405 nm.
  • Dental resin Model Pro Beige: Photopolymer color beige opaque matte. This resin is perfect for the manufacture of high-precision dental models, wristbands and liners.
  • Flexible resin-X: Black opaque photopolymer resin for 3D printers based on MSLA, DLP and open laser.
  • Resina Hazard Glow: First material that shines in the dark for SLA 3D printers, MSLA and DLP in a range from 385 to 405 nm.
  • Resine Tough-X: Durable black opaque photopolymer resin with high impact resistance.
  • Premium Black resin: Black opaque photopolymer resin with excellent color stability, ideal for the quick creation of prototypes and the development of conceptual products.
  • Premium Flex: Translucent blue turquoise photopolymer resin with high processing and printing speed on MSLA and DLP-based 3D printers.
  • Premium Resin Model: Perfect for the manufacture of dental models and alignment models. Mate and opaque dental resin, melocoton color.
  • Premium Tough resin: Hard and impact resistant resin for 3D printers with liquid glass screen (LCD) and digital light processing (DLP).
  • Premium White resin: It has excellent UV stability and is easy to print, which is ideal for medical models, scale architectural models and lithophanies.
  • Resina Stone Coal Black: High-resolution photopolymer resin for SLA, DLP and MSLA technologies in the range from 385 to 405 nm.
  • Resina Strong-X: One of the strongest photopolymer resins available on the market.
  • Wax Castable resin: Wax-based photopolymer resin, perfect for the manufacture of jewellery, dental and industrial parts using the direct investment casting method.

Buy Liqcreate 3D printer resins

Liqcreate develops and manufactures premium polymers for 3D LCD, SLA and DLP printing technologies. Its high-end polymers are suitable for a wide variety of industries, including entertainment, consumer goods, health, automotive or prototype creation.