Buy Dimafix accessories for 3D printers at the best price

At Triwee you can find the best accessories for brand 3D printers Dimafix at affordable prices, with total guarantee and all the advice of our team to use in your projects.

Types of Dimafix accessories for 3D printers

Dimafix is an adhesive that is presented in both spray and bar format, ideal for use in FFF and HeatedBed technology printers.

Target Dimafix is making the 3D printing process easier by achieving better results that adapt to our printing needs. Its use mode is very simple, it is enough to spray or apply the adhesive on the printing surface, getting the first layers fixed correctly. The purpose is to prevent the final piece from having unwanted defects or deformations.

To safely remove the model, you will have to wait for the temperature of the print surface to be below 50oC once the manufacture is finished. At that time, we can remove our model directly from the bed without using extra tools with which we can damage the piece.

  • Great grip between plastic and glass
  • Suitable for printing all types of thermoplastic materials
  • The adhesive adhesive will be activated when the heating bed temperature is higher than 50oC.
  • Whenever the print surface is hot the adhesive will be effective even when it comes to large prints.
  • Once the temperature of the print surface drops (between 40oC to 50oC), the adhesive properties disappear and the parts can be easily removed.
  • This adhesive is soluble so it can be easily cleaned with water.
  • The useful life of these adhesives can be up to 100 uses if preserved in appropriate conditions.