Buy Monocure 3D Printer filaments at the best price

At Triwee you can find the best 3D printer filaments of the Monocure brand at affordable prices, with total guarantee and all the advice of our team to use them in your projects

Monocure 3D Printer Resins

  • Resina Rapid Model Monocure:: This resin is designed for all MSLA-type 3D printers where LED power is less than 100w. In the event that the 3D printer has more than 100 watts, it is better to choose another type of resin better suited for the equipment. To use this product you only need to stir the jar quickly, pour the resin and print. It also has a post-curate that helps eliminate sticky after cleaning.
  • Resinaway Cleaner: This cleaner is chemically designed to quickly and effectively remove uncured UV photopolymer resin from printed parts, production plates, buckets and instruments. This UV resin printer solution is safe and non-flammable compared to other available on the market. In the case of IPA or isopropylic alcohol this does not completely decompose the 3D printing resin of photopropylene, only dilutes it, so although apparently clean it saturates very quickly leaving residual resin of the parts.
  • Resina Rapid Tuff Monocure: This unique mix of advanced uretanos is designed to achieve the manufacture of a piece with a high traction resistance. The mechanical properties of the product provide a good balance in resistance, flexibility and hard surface finish. This resin is ideal for those projects whose final piece requires great efforts and tensions. Also, once the necessary post-care process is finished, it can be machined, painted or polished to get a better finish.
  • Rapid Flex Monocure: This type of resin has a great flexibility to get compressed or folding 3D parts. Note that the thinner the printed piece, the more flexible the final result will be. The Rapid Flex resin can also be added to other Monocure resins to create a less fragile and more durable piece. The more amount of resin, the more flexible the piece will be.