Buy Magigoo accessories for 3D printers at the best price

At Triwee you can find the best accessories for brand 3D printers Magigoo at affordable prices, with total guarantee and all the advice of our team to use in your projects.

Types of Magigoo accessories for 3D printers

Magigoo Original: This easy-to-use 3D print adhesive is designed to solve the problem that the first print layer does not adhere properly. When the printing of the piece ends, we should only wait for the plate to cool down and remove the impressions easily. The Magigoo Original can be used with most printing materials such as PLA, ABS, PET-G and HIPS.

Magigoo PC: This adhesive is designed for printing with polycarbonate plastics on FDM-type printers. Its development has been made specifically to ensure strong adherence to polycarbonate-based filaments. The compatible materials are, for example, pure polycarbonate, filling polycarbonates, as well as PC alloys such as PC-ABS.

Magigoo PA: This adhesive is intended for 3D printing with polyamide plastics (nylon), including A-6, PA-6,66, PA12 and related materials.

Magigoo PP: This adhesive is specially designed for 3D printing in polypropylene plastics. It offers strong adherence to polypropylene-based materials and other polyolefin-based materials such as the DOW OBC. It can be used without the need to apply tapes or other surfaces to the 3D printer platform.

Magigoo PRO Flex: As its name indicates, this adhesive has been designed for the 3D printing of flexible plastics. It offers the user a strong adhesion platform for thermoplastic elastomers based on filaments, as well as other flexible filaments.

Magigoo PRO HT: High temperature filaments cause more difficulties to the user when printing in FDM, as they have a greater tendency to deform. The Magigoo PRO HT is a specialized adhesive that guarantees the printing of PEEK and PEKK filaments specially developed to support high temperatures.

Magigoo PRO PPGF: This adhesive has been specifically designed for 3D printing in polypropylene plastics filled with glass. It offers a strong adhesion platform for polypropylene-filled filaments such as the Corning GF-30PP and BASF Ultrafuse GF-PP.