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3D Printers

Buy the best 3D printers for domestic and semi-professional use

There are many online stores that sell 3D printers for your home or your hobby, but you have been lucky. You've reached the page Triwee so, in addition to buying some of the best 3D printer models from the market at reduced prices, you will have all the support and accompaniment of our technical service.

In Triwee we have the main models of some of the brands for individuals of greater quality of the market. These include:

The first one, Creality, it's one of the most demanded options of the moment. Its 3D printers were among the best sellers in 2021 and are famous for its low rate of incidence and its open code, which allows to find countless contents for these machines manufactured in China.

If you are a beginner and are looking to print out within minutes of receiving your order, the 3D MP Voxel printer Monoprice may be the choice you're looking for. This 3D printer is already fully assembled and includes 3D display and filament models, it is easy to use and features a touch and color display and a system of assisted leveling so that the machine is calibrated with a single touch.

As for Zortrax products available at Triwee, some of them like the Zortrax Inventure offer all the quality of an industrial printer from an desktop device. It can print with some ABS materials at temperatures that reach almost 245 celsius degrees and its hydrosoluble support system allows to manufacture some models on others to take advantage of the entire manufacturing space in a single strip.

3D printers Triwee for domestic and semi-professional use operate with different technologies, namely:

  • FFF: Fusion Filament Fabrication (FFF) or Modelado por Deposición Fundida (FDM). A thermoplastic material is deposited layer by layer until it builds a piece. Useful to create strong and durable objects with great precision. This is the most common 3D machine version as the machines that use it and its filaments are affordable. FFF technology supports high-quality thermoplastics such as Nylon, TPU, PET-G or ABS, among others.
  • LCD: 3D LCD printing is similar to digital light processing (DLP). Spread the layers in a resin tank with UV light from a series of LEDs that shines through an LCD display.
  • SLA: Stereolithography or SLA uses a laser directed by galvanometers to cure the resin. Thus the laser beam is guided to a particular point.

Beyond having different technologies, Triwee collects the best 3D printers for domestic and professional use and with a variety of prices to suit all budgets. On our website you can filter them for price. The cheapest are up to 300 euros. You can also see those that do not reach 500, those that remain below 3,000 euros and the semi-professionals with more benefits, that exceed 3,000 euros of cost.