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Starter Kit Pro

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The Starter Kit Pro is a pack consisting of two 1 kg Triwee PLA spools and the original glue Magigoo. The filaments are compatible with any 3D printer by FDM technology of 1.75 mm in diameter and the glue Magigoo is a 3D printing adhesive of 50 ml designed for the adhesion of the first layer of 3D printing. This glue is compatible with different types of filaments

This pack contains

Magigoo Original 50ml
Original weighing 50 ml Magigoo
x 1
Triwee pLA White filament- 1.75mm - 1kg
x 1
Triwee pLA Grey filament - 1.75mm - 1kg
x 1

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Starter Kit Pro
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Starter Kit Pro

At Triwee we are experts in 3D technology for home and semi-professional use, so, if you want a kit for your high quality 3D printers, take advantage of this pack that, when you buy together, you save money. It has what you need, two spools of high quality PLA and the original glue Magigoo

Main characteristics of PLA filaments 1 kg from Triwee

These filaments are composed of thermoplastic polymers and being natural products, they are biodegradable which means that once discarded, they decompose into their parts in about 6 months

PLA is the easiest material to print and allows the greatest margin of error.

The result it offers is very careful, without appreciating errors or defects in the finish.

It is versatile and can be cut, sanded or drilled. But it is sufficiently resistant.

It does not smell bad when printing or produce toxic gases and compared to other materials, it is the one that works with lower 3D printing temperature.

Nozzle diameter of 1.75 mm.

PLA filament should be stored in a dry and clean place and at a temperature between In these circumstances of conservation, the minimum shelf life of one year.

It has a printing temperature of 180 to 220 ºC and a bed temperature of 50 to 70 ºC

Characteristics of the adhesive Magigoo Original 50 ml

This glue leaves no odor and is totally safe, in 50 ml format for your 3D prints. Compatible with most of the filaments such as: ABS, PLA, PETG, HIPS, ASA, TPU..

No need for additional tools and its small size allows you to transport or carry it wherever you want.

Easy to remove, once the glue is applied on the 3D printing bed, the printer will start working and Magigoo will avoid possible deformations due to the displacement of the layers. And then it is as easy as removing it with water.

It has an average use of about 100 applications for prints of about 30 hours without deformations and is non-toxic.

How to use Magigoo Original 50 ml glue ?

The way to apply Magigoo Original 50 ml is as simple as following these steps:

  • Shake the bottle and press the tip against the 3D printing surface.

  • Spread the adhesive evenly over the printing area with a thin layer.

  • And once the printing piece is finished and cold, remove it with light pressure and clean the surface with a cloth dampened with water.

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