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    PLA WOOD Smart Materials


    The PLA Wood filament Smart Materials contains a high percentage of natural wood. It is of first quality without recycling or incorporates recovered material. It has an excellent resolution on 3D printing and many design possibilities.

    Smartfil Color
    • Teka
    • Willow
    • Maple
    • Sapelly
    • Wenge
    Coil Diameter Smartfil
    • Coil 1'75 mm.
    • Coil 2'85 mm.
    Smartfil size
    • M 750 gr
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    Filters PLA Wood Smartfil

    The Spanish brand Smart Materials is recognized for the excellent quality in the manufacture of 3D printing materials. It offers PLA coil and natural wood to get amazing 3D printing designs thanks to its excellent finish.

    Characteristics of the PLA Wood filaments Smart Materials

    The PLA filament is one of the most used materials for FDM technology 3D printers for its multiple advantages as it is a biodegradable material, which is very easy to use, flexible, resistant and that we can find in different colors and finish.

    Smart Materials develops this filament PLA Wood top quality with high percentage of natural woodwhere it does not incorporate recycled or recovered material and offers excellent resolution on printing.

    With this filament you can perform replicas, models simulating wood, design pieces, wood supplies, etc...

    You have all the properties of the original PLA: temperature resistance, 3D printing, impact and flexibility and avoids the deformation of the piece. The post processing is also easier, allowing to improve surface quality with a bit of sanding and cutting.

    Available for diameter coils 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

    3D Printing Tips PLA Wood filaments

    Them PLA Wood filaments for 3D printing Smart Materials they have some particularity to take into account so that the result is perfect without interruption. Thus, from the brand they report that given the high amount of wood particles can produce shutters in nozzles of 0.4 mm in diameter so it is recommended nozzles with diameter 0.6 or higher to avoid this problem.

    It is advisable to feed the printer without making pronounced spins in systems Bowden to avoid breaking the filament. And to avoid possible obstructions, you have to try not to heat the material on the extrusor while the printing is waiting. As tips, for larger aspect of wood finishing, you can increase the printing temperature with darker tones.

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