Magigoo Original 120ml

    Original 120 ml adhesive Magigoo


    Magigoo Original is a 120 ml 3D printing adhesivedesigned for the adhesion of the first 3D printing layer. This glue compatible with different types of filaments, solves the necessary attachment of the first layer of the material in the 3D printing bed. Brand recognized for its good results and great price.

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    Magigoo Original 120 ml

    The glue for 3D printing Magigoo is the most chosen by professionals and fans. It does not only allow the adhesion of the first layer if it does not prevent deformation in the 3D printing process and is removed with absolute ease.

    Characteristics of adhesive Magigoo Original 120 ml

    This glue leaves no smell and is completely safe, in format 120 ml for your 3D prints. Compatible with most filaments such as: ABS, PLA, PETG, HIPS, ASA, TPU...

    You don't need additional tools and its small size allows you to carry it or carry it wherever you want.

    Easy to retreatonce the glue is applied on the 3D printing bed, the printer will start working and Magigoo avoid the possible deformations by the displacement of the layers. And then it's as simple as removing it with water.

    It has an average use of about 100 applications for impressions of about 30 hours without deformations and is not toxic.

    How to use the original 120 ml glue Magigoo?

    How to apply Magigoo Original 120 ml is as simple as following these steps:

    • Shake the boat and press the tip against the 3D printing surface.

    • Spread the adhesive evenly over the printing area with a thin layer.

    • And once the printing piece is finished and cold, remove it with a slight pressure and clean the surface with a cloth wet in water.

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