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Scanner CR-Scan-01 Creality

CR-Scan-01 3D Scanner Kit Creality

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The CR-Scan-01 3D modeling scanner from Creality is ready to use right out of the box, without calibration or markers. High accuracy, fast and amazing scanning area being larger than the market average. With turntable and tripod. Low price for high performance


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3D modeling scanner CR-Scan-01 kit Creality

The CR-Scan-01 from Creality is a fast and easy to use scanner right out of the box. Compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, Android and Mac.

Features of the 3D modeling scanner CR-Scan-01 Kit from Creality

The device is ready to use without marking or calibration which speeds up the use and scanning of objects.

Weighs less than 1 kg which allows for lightweight portable use during even the longest scans.

The ease of not having to mark saves a lot of time and does not lose quality in the process as it allows flexible scanning for different sizes.

The CR-Scan-01 is highly accurate. It reaches 0.1 mm even when scanning large objects. The scanning width is 1.5 times wider than that of the traditional scanner and the scanning is faster and smoother

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages is the powerful model processing method. This is made possible by the high-precision matching and pose alignment algorithm. The CR-Scan-01 uses automatic fill repair, color repair and automatic substrate recognition. It eliminates soft noise so that the modeling rendering is accurate and professional

In addition, it comes with a tripod and turntable that will make scanning much more comfortable. Both the tripod so you don't have to hold it manually and the turntable so you can place the objects to be scanned and let it do the job by itself

How to use the CR-Scan-01 Scanner Kit Creality

Thanks to its concise user interface design software, it is easy to operate during scanning. Just unpack it, connect the cables to the computer and start scanning either manually or using the tripod and turntable.

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