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3D Printer Creality Ender-3 Neo

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Ender-3 Neo 3D printer from Creality is the updated version of the Ender-3. Same features as always but with important improvements that give it better performance, higher print quality at a very economical price. Among them: automatic leveling, silent base plate, metal extruder,fast heat dissipation and more.

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3D Printer Creality Ender-3 Neo
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Ender-3 Neo 3D Printer Creality

The Ender-3 Neo 3D printer from Creality is the enhanced version of the Ender-3 Among the improvements automatic leveling, silent base plate, metal extruder, dfast heat dissipation, and more and more.

What features does the Ender-3 Neo 3D printer have?

Its 3D printing volume is the same as its predecessor: 220 x 220 x 250 mm

It reaches a temperature of 110 ºC in just 5 minutes with a protected power supply and adds anti-blackout security and can resume 3D printing to ensure a perfect finish and conservation of the material.

With a crystalline silicon glass platform that heats up more evenly and has a strong adhesion.

It allows printing numerous types of filaments: PLA; ABS; PETG; TPU; Flexible.... It is also compatible with filaments of other brands

Good design, compact and easy to assemble

Why does the Ender-3 Neo outperform the Ender-3?

With a quiet base plate, low decibels have less impact on the studio or work, creating a cozy printing atmosphere.

CR Touch automatic leveling completes the 16-point print height compensation on the build surface, ensuring leveling accuracy and improving print quality

The corrugated heat sink increases the radiation area. The rapid heat dissipation greatly reduces the risk of tube blockage.

Full mental extruder is more durable. Higher extrusion force allows for smooth feeding.

Durable carborundum construction surface featuring uniform heating reduces the risk of deformation. Strong adhesion ensures stability and print quality.

Product Details


Data sheet

Up to 300€
3D printing volume
20 - 30 cm
330 x 320 x 540 mm
Extrusion system
≤ 100º C
Construction chamber
Compatible filament diameter
1,75 mm
Layer resolution
≤ 100º C
Compatible nozzle diameters
0,4 mm (0,2/0,6/0,8/1,0)
Printing temperature
≤ 100º C