Buy Polymaker 3D printer filaments at the best price

At Triwee you can find the best 3D printer filaments of the brand Polymaker at affordable prices, with total guarantee and all the advice of our team to use in your projects.

Some Polymaker 3D printer filaments

  • PolyFlex TPU95 (in several colors): Material with 95A Shore hardness, its original length can be stretched more than 3 times. Designed to operate on most 3D printers by FFF or FDM technology.
  • PolyLite PC: Polycarbonate resin with good stiffness and heat resistance with light diffusion properties. Manufactured with the best raw materials to offer the highest quality in 3D printing by FDM.
  • PolyMax PC: Combines excellent resistance, tenacity, heat resistance and printing quality. It is the ideal choice for a wide range of engineering applications.
  • PolyMax PETG: It offers better mechanical properties than any other regular PETG, making it a good candidate for a wide range of applications.
  • PolySmooth (in several colors): Designed for postprocessing. The surface can be smoothed with alcohol to achieve models with smooth surfaces.

Buy Polymaker 3D printer filaments

Polymaker is an international team passionate about 3D printing. It produces the best 3D printing materials by controlling each stage of production. With a diverse portfolio of materials ranging from high-performance plastics to unique aesthetic solutions, Polymaker hopes to continue adding cutting-edge materials to your portfolio, constantly growing.

The heart of Polymaker is their research and development laboratory, where all your materials are formulated and perfected from the beginning to create the best 3D printing materials of your class. Polymaker is a global company based in Shanghai and distribution in North America, Europe and Asia. Its materials are used by amateurs and professionals in all corners of the world, and is a regular exhibitor at international 3D printing fairs.