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Triwee PETG Filament - 1.75MM - 1KG

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The material PETG material of our brand is a material widely used in 3D printing. It does not give off unpleasant odors during printing. Easy to print. In Triwee we have created this PETG filament in different colors and 1 kg at an economical price for diameters of 1.75 mm. Made in Europe

Color Triwee PETG
  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Galaxy Silver
  • Blue
  • Red

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Triwee PETG filaments 1 kg

At Triwee we are experts in 3D technology for domestic and semi-professional use, so, we launch to the market a suitable material of easy use and low cost as it is the PETG filament Triwee filament for 1.75 mm nozzles manufactured in Europe Containing Everfil™ PETG filament is characterized by a very high mechanical strength, it is more flexible than ABS or PLA, but it is also softer.

Main characteristics of PETG 1 kg filaments from Triwee

Based on our experience and knowledge in 3D printers and materials, we developed the perfect PETG filament for 1.75 mm nozzles Triwee developed the perfect PETG filament for 3D printing

The filament has a shiny surface with excellent transparency, it is easily thermoformable, with exceptional performance at low temperatures. High chemical and impact resistance. Approved for food use, it has a low water absorption, its most cutting-edge feature is that it is recyclable, so it does not harm the environment.

PETG is the easiest material to print and allows the greatest margin of error.

It has a dimensional tolerance of ± 0.03 mm

It can be cut, sanded or perforated, although it has a fairly high strength

PETG from Triwee is available in different colors and with a nozzle diameter of 1.75 mm.

PETG filament should be stored in a dry, clean place and at a temperature.

It has a printing temperature of 235 to 250 ºC and a bed temperature of 60 to 90 ºC

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