PLA Filament - 1.75MM - 750 gr Triwee


    The PLA material of our brand is one of the most used filaments in 3D printing by FDM technology. Thanks to its easy handling, low cost and great finish, it is the most chosen option by professionals and 3D printer users. In Triwee we have created this PLA filament in different colors and 750 gr  at an economical price for diameters of 1.75 mm. Made in Europe

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    • Snow White
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    PLA filaments Triwee 750 gr 

    At Triwee we are experts in 3D technology for domestic and semi-professional use, so, we launched to the market a suitable material of easy use and low cost as is the PLA filament Triwee filament for 1.75 mm nozzles made in Europe. It is compatible with all FDM printers using this diameter.

    Main features of Triwee's PLA filaments of 750 gr 

    Based on our experience and knowledge in 3D printers and materials, in Triwee we developed the perfect polyamide filament for 3D printing

    This filament is composed of thermoplastic polymers and being a natural product, it is biodegradable which means that once discarded, it decomposes into its parts in about 6 months. In 3D printing, the polyamide material is heated until it reaches a liquid state, then it comes out through the nozzle which applies it layer by layer to create the desired object.

    PLA is the easiest material to print and allows the greatest margin of error.

    The result it offers is very careful, without appreciating errors or defects in the finish.

    It is versatile and can be cut, sanded or drilled. But it is sufficiently resistant.

    It does not smell bad when printing or produce toxic gases and compared to other materials, it is the one that works with lower 3D printing temperature.

    PLA from Triwee is available in different colors and 1.75 mm nozzle diameter.

    PLA filament should be stored in a dry and clean place and at a temperature between In these storage circumstances, the minimum shelf life of one year.

    It has a printing temperature of 210 to 220 ºC and a bed temperature of 60 to 65 ºC

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