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    PETG Magneto filter detectable 750 gr. Smart Materials


    The filamentPETG Smart Material Detectable Magnetois a material specially designed to be detected by any type of magnetic detector, although it is present in very small particles. The colour is natural, characteristic of the filament with high resistance to humidity, fungi and mold.

    Smartfil Color
    • Natural
    Coil Diameter Smartfil
    • Coil 1'75 mm.
    • Coil 2'85 mm.
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    PETG magnetic filter detectable Smartfil

    The Spanish brand Smart Materials is recognized for the excellent quality in the manufacture of 3D printing materials. They highlight the variety of materials and uses adapted to all needs. They are easy to handle, resistance and in their catalogue you find different characteristics in tones, weights and diameters. On this occasion, they create the PETG MDT filament (Detectable Magnet) to be detected by magnetic sensors.

    Functionalities of PETG MTD filamentsSmart Materials

    PETG is modified polyethylene terefthalate with GlicolHence the G is included. Unlike normal PETG, PETG MDT is reinforced by ferrommetic particles which are detectable by magnetic sensors.

    It is indicated for the manufacture of sensors, packaging and thanks to the high dimensional stability it possesses and resistance to moisture, fungi and mold; it is especially suitable for the food industry.

    Its composition does not require the use of steel fibres or metal powders and does not contain carbon fibers, graphite or black smoke. Therefore it does not release particles during the printing that is dissipated in the working atmosphere and contaminate the 3D printing process or the finished products themselves.

    It offers very good quality in the finish.

    PETG MTD750 available for nozzles 1.75 and 2.85 mmfor an economic price.

    Requires a printing temperature from 220 - 240 oC and a bed temperature 70 – 90 oC. Print at a speed of 40 to 60 mm/s.

    Recommendations for use of PETG MTDSmart Materials

    It is necessary to use a 0.6 mm diameter nozzle and a layer height equal to or greater than 0.2 mm for the manufacture of parts, thus avoiding that the load incorporated into the material can block the extrusor.

    And it is recommended to use SMART CLEAN or cleaner once the material is used to prevent it from staining the subsequent impressions.

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