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    Clean filament from Smart Materials is a material for cleaning the nozzle of the 3D printer. It helps the maintenance and good performance extending the life of the extruder. It avoids clogging and is perfect when changing materials or different filament colors.

    Coil Diameter Smartfil
    • Coil 1'75 mm.
    • Coil 2'85 mm.
    Smartfil size
    • S 330gr
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    Clean Natural Smartfil® Clean Filaments

    The Spanish brand Smart Materials is renowned for its excellent quality in the manufacture of 3D printing materials. In addition to the many filaments it produces, it also adds specialty oysters such as this CLEAN filament

    how does the CLEAN cleaning filament work? Smart Materials

    Clean Natural filament has been designed by the brand based on its long experience in the manufacture and use of materials for 3D printing. It arises from the need to take care of the nozzle against clogging, to extend its life and not to mix colors when changing filaments or materials.

    Its function is to clean the extruder for proper maintenance and operation of the hotend of your 3D printer

    When you are going to use this cleaning filament, you must take into account the temperature because it is the main factor for this material to take effect. To do this, you must heat the extruder to the temperature of the material you have previously used, then load the CLEAN filament and extrude a certain amount of material. Finally, remove the filament and insert the material you want to print with

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