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    FLEX Filter Smart Materials


    The Flex filament Smart Materials is elastic and flexible for 3D printing by cast deposition (FFF/FDM). The TPU allows you to print flexible objects with high printing quality. Available in different

    Smartfil Color
    • Ivory White
    • Orinoco
    • Ruby
    • Sapphire
    • True Black
    • Caribbean
    Coil Diameter Smartfil
    • Coil 1'75 mm.
    • Coil 2'85 mm.
    Smartfil size
    • S 330gr
    • M 750 gr
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    Flex Smartfil filters

    The Spanish brand Smart Materials is recognized for the excellent quality in the manufacture of 3D printing materials. It offers flexible TPU coils with very good 3D printing results.

    Characteristics of Flex filaments Smart Materials

    The filament TPU is a flexible material, of properties similar to solid silicone that when deformed, the material does not collapse and retains its properties, which or difference of ABS and PLA materials.

    This material is used to create flexible products that are constantly deformed during operation: joints, seals, sleeves, bellows or car parts. It has great wear resistance and has a long service life.

    It has a high chemical stability.

    It is easy to print and of good quality and the Flex filament Smart Materials is available in various colors, diameters and sizes.

    A nozzle temperature of some is recommended 210 - 230 oC and heated bed around the 50 °C.

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