Smartfil PLA 3D850
    Smart Materials

    PLA 3D850 Filament Smart Materials


    PLA 3D850 spools from Smart Materials are premium quality, biodegradable material with very low thermal shrinkage, ideal for 3D printing that requires high resolution.

    Smartfil Color
    • Natural
    • Ivory White
    • True Black
    Coil Diameter Smartfil
    • Coil 1'75 mm.
    • Coil 2'85 mm.
    Smartfil size
    • M 750 gr
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    Smartfil 3D850 PLA filament

    The Spanish brand Smart Materials is recognized for its excellent quality in the manufacture of 3D printing materials. PLA spools stand out for their versatility, easy handling, resistance and properties such as PLA 3D850, an improved material with high resolution.

    Main features of PLA 3D850 filament from Smartfil Smart Materials

    PLA or polylactic acid filament is a biodegradable, sustainable and versatile polymer. Unlike other everyday plastics, PLA is made from renewable resources such as corn, wheat or sugar cane, which makes it biodegradable. This PLA has been improved and has a fast crystallization, which allows the production of very complete parts without support.

    It is widely used in 3D printers by FDM technology thanks to its easy handling, stability and excellent results in detail.

    In addition, the improved PLA 3D850 allows printing at high speeds and does not require a hot bed.

    It has higher mechanical and thermal properties than standard PLA

    It comes in two thicknesses; 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm. The printing temperature ranges from 200 - 220º C.

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