FormBox 3D Thermoformer by Mayku


    The mayku FormBox Thermoformer is a factory for making high quality, detailed molds in a matter of minutes. This desktop '3D former' is ideal for creating any shape with vacuum forming. In combination with a 3D printer, simple templates can be created, which you then use in the FormBox.

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    FormBox 3D Thermoformer by Mayku
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    Mayku FormBox 3D thermoforming machine

    The mayku FormBox thermoforming machine is a factory for making detailed, high quality molds in a matter of minutes. This desktop '3D former' is ideal for creating any shape with vacuum forming. In combination with a 3D printer, simple templates can be created, which you will then use in FormBox.

    what is thermoforming?

    Thermoforming or thermoforming is a process of forming semi-finished thermoplastic products at high temperatures to produce parts with certain shapes. Typically, semi-finished products are films and sheets obtained from granular or powdered materials.

    what is the process?

    This process consists of heating a thermoplastic sheet or plate so that it becomes deformable and can be adapted to the shape of a base part or die by the action of pressure or vacuum.

    A thermoplastic is a material that, upon reaching its glass transition temperature (tg), becomes deformable; and hardens once it cools. The nature of these plastics allows them to be remelted several times to give them a different shape. It should be noted that this cycle is limited, since after being melted and molded several times, their physical properties decrease.

    how does the Mayku FormBox work?

    TheMayku FormBox is a thermoforming machine that uses the principles of adaptive forming.

    Adaptive forming is a thermoforming process in which a hot thermoplastic sheet is placed over a die, adapting to its shape. The adaptation is completed by creating a vacuum between the die and the sheet, or by applying pressurized air to the sheet.

    The FormBox is a small machine measuring 300 x 458 x 240 mm, and has a working size of 130 x 150 x 150 x 150 mm to create parts.

    To use the FormBox , a base part or matrix is needed from which the mold or final part is created, a thermoplastic sheet (Form Sheet or Cast sheet) and a domestic vacuum cleaner, which must be attached to the machine to create the vacuum. The Mayku FormBoz is capable of picking up details finer than a grain of sand.

    what are the steps of the Mayku FormBox?

    The operation of the Mayku FormBox is very simple: The FormBox has a built-in ceramic radiator on top. Once the thermoplastic sheet (form sheet or cast sheet) is placed in an adapted tray, the tray is lifted and fixed on top of the machine, under the ceramic radiator, the thermoplastic sheet is heated. Thus, this sheet becomes soft to adapt to the shape.

    The tray is lowered and the suction of the vacuum cleaner is activated, which sucks the air between the foil and the die to create a vacuum.

    what is included in the Mayku FormBox?

    20 Mayku Cast Sheet. These are transparent, food-safe 0.5 mm sheets for the manufacture of reusable forms. Their slightly flexible, non-stick surface ensures that originals and molds can be easily removed. Fully recyclable, partly made from recycled plastic waste.

    20 Mayku Form Sheet. These are versatile and easy to use 0.5 mm white sheets. Excellent for product packaging, prototyping and for enhancing decorative craft projects. Fully recyclable, partly made from recycled plastic waste.

    Mayku formbox with 3 templates.

    1 kg of Mayku Pour casting material.

    Access to the Mayku library.

    Multiple applications of the Mayku FormBox

    • Use any object or create one for unique molds
    • Formbox can replicate almost any shape
    • Formbox works with a wide range of materials, such as soap, wax, plaster, jesmonite or concrete
    • Manufacture short runs without outsourcing the service. Create molds in seconds to speed up your production line
    • Speed up your work process by iterating designs and achieving prototypes in record time
    • Work with reusable molds to explore prototypes
    • It is a great alternative to silicone modeling.

    Ideal for different sectors

    • Industrial design
    • Gastronomy
    • Packaging
    • Education
    • Crafts

    Thanks to its size, the Mayku Formbox 3D thermoforming machine fits easily on a desk. It allows you to print transparent parts and speed up the design process as well as produce short series and replicate your 3D printed parts in seconds.

    For the education sector, the Formbox allows you to involve more students in STEAM projects in schools by making it easy to create replicas of the parts you are working on quickly and on a desktop.

    Ideal for different sectors

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