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405 nm water washable LCD resin Creality

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405 nm water washable LCD resin Creality is a 405 nm (wavelength) material for LCD/DLP 3D printers with low shrinkage rate and high precision. It has excellent performance and is available in different colors in 1 kg and 0.5kg

Color Resin Creality
  • White
  • Skin
  • Grey
  • Transparent red
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Transparent Blue
Weight Resin
  • 1 Kg
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Water washable LCD resin 405 nm Creality

The brand is Creality is positioned as the best in the market for its high quality at a low price. They are based on the constant search for the best finish and has a long history and a multitude of certificates that guarantee their quality. In addition to their 3D printers for everyone, they also manufacture resins

Main characteristics of the water washable resin of Creality

The resin of Creality resin is a liquid material made from thermosetting polymers that solidifies or hardens with UV rays through photo-polymerization. It is specially designed to reduce the shrinkage rate in the photopolymerization process in LCD/DLP 3D printers

Water washable

It has high precision and the finish shows a smooth surface of high quality.

It has low viscosity and good flowability. With guaranteed performance, it has easy demolding, thus improving the success rate and prolonging the shelf life.

Printing speed and low curing time

The standard resin of Creality is 405 nm and a 0.5kg or 1 kg weight in different colors.

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Resina LCD UV 405 nm
Great finish

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