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Monocure accesories for 3D printers

Monocure 3D is an Australian company dedicated entirely to the development and distribution of products related to high quality 3D printing. This company develops, manufactures and supplies high quality products for consumers, companies and resellers. As a 100% focused company in the 3D printing sector, Monocure 3D offers a service that includes technical support and training area.

At the beginning of its career in 1979, Monocure was conceived as a company for the development of industrial chemicals that supplied UV-cured inks to traditional industries such as printing, packaging or labeling. After a wide tour, in 2016 they launched the first Australian resin for SLA, DPL and MSLA 3D printing, because they saw that 3D printing was an industry that would have a wide growth in the future. Currently Monocure is 100% focused on 3D printing, technology, creative possibilities and the creation of interactions with the community that makes up the additive manufacturing industry.

For Monocure 3D researchers it is vital to be connected to users through support chats, social networks, surveys and courses. Thus, they can analyze the needs of the sector and develop products so that the 3D experience continues to develop. These new applications pass through a series of strict tests, including independent field tests before launch. This process ensures that the products obtained have all the guarantees and adapt to the final concept that is intended to be achieved.