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Buy Anycubic 3D printer with all the advice from Triwee

At Triwee you can find Anycubic's best 3D printers at affordable prices, with total warranty and all the advice of our team to launch them.
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Buy Anycubic 3D printer

Anycubic was founded in 2015 and has since become one of the most popular 3D printer brands on the market. Based in the technological Chinese city of Shenzen, it has more than 300 employees and became popular thanks to the Anycubic Mega model it launched in 2016.
Years later Anycubic remains one of the most renowned manufacturers in the sector and has already launched the second and third generation of its 3D printers. In the catalogue Triwee You can find 3D Anycubic printers like Anycubic Vyper, with a high computing speed and a precise and silent print.

Anycubic 3D printers, for all

Anycubic's philosophy is that 3D printers must be affordable and accessible because everyone deserves the freedom to give life to their ideas, creativity and imagination. That is why the company is committed to making 3D printing solutions available to users around the world, thus allowing maximum freedom of design and application.

In the store Triwee you will find everything you need to maintain your 3D Anycubic printer.

Some 3D Anycubic printer models

  • Vyper: It has a new 32-bit base plate with a high performance Cortex M3 main control chip, a very fast computing speed and a smoother system. The integration of the TMC2209 controller makes the base plate a silent impression and a voltage output control to ensure a more accurate and silent impression.