CREALITY (Spare parts)

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Types of Creality accessories for 3D printers

Creality, founded in 2014, is a company focused on design, research and production of both 3D printers and those products related to 3D printing. Its multidisciplinary team has qualified researchers and engineers that integrate a R & D team, focused on creating new solutions and improving user experience.

The investment of R & D Creality 3D printing is focused on FDM/resin 3D printers, 3D scanners, filaments, resin, as well as drones and 3D printed robots that support STEAM education.

The factory of this company is certified with the ISO and BCSI category, which has an annual production capacity of more than one million units produced. All products Creality are certified according to CE, FCC and ROHS standards, and have been exported to more than 192 countries.

Ender-3 and Ender-3 V2 Mainboard: The base plate is the heart of any machine as it allows control of all electrical components, motors, etc. The base plates are different depending on the functionality of the machine in which they are found.

The 3D printer series Creality Ender 3 is affordable and reliable, however, your base plates could benefit from a baseboard update. When producing open source printers, the base plate can be changed according to our preferences if necessary.

The update of the mainboard allows you to expand the functionalities of the Ender 3, for example, if you want to have dual extrusion functionality, an additional Z-axis step engine or other updates that require more than one port. On the other hand, you can also get a faster operation or a higher bit processor.

Ventilators of the Ender-3 and Ender-3 V2 : The Ender 3D printer fan can generate a lot of noise for some users. Therefore, to generate a more silent printing experience you can update the fans of our printer. There may also be other reasons for changing fans:

  • Replace a broken piece
  • Increase airflow to improve cooling
  • Increase the voltage angle capable of being printed without supports

Ender-3 and Ender-3 V2 screens :Screens help improve the user experience with the innovative interface Creality, which provides an interactive experience that improves the standard edge display. It has an interface with nine languages and a simple installation process.