Smart Materials

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Smart Materials 3D Printer Accessories

Smart Materials is a company that aims to create materials that provide innovative solutions within the 3D printing sector through the design, manufacture and marketing of filaments and accessories. Manufactured materials are oriented both to the business sector and to individuals, makers and public administrations, maintaining competitive prices without giving up quality levels.

One of the most important areas of development Smart Materials It's R & D. In Smart Materials the research and development and innovation of new products, ideas and applications are fundamental elements for future projection.

There is complete control in all phases that make up the production process, which guarantees the highest quality of final product. To do this they have a line of production of their own with the latest and most efficient technologies in the market.

Other features Smart Materials is their commitment to sustainability, so they have created an integrated management system that meets all production standards. They achieve a reduction in environmental impact and energy consumption.

Needles/Needle Smart Materials:This accessory is ideal for the daily maintenance of our 3D printer, as it allows the cleaning and removal of occasional nozzle obstructions easily and quickly. They are made of steel, a highly resistant material that will allow us to use needles for long periods of time without having to resort to other accessories.