Buy Craftbot accessories for 3D printers at the best price

At Triwee you can find the best accessories and spare parts for 3D Printers of the Craftbot brand at affordable prices, with total guarantee and all the advice of our equipment to use them in your projects. We have a wide range of products:

  • Adhesives: For better adhesion in the 3D printer printing bed.
  • Consumables: Items such as needles, nozzle covers, film, photocured protective covers, automatic leveling tools, printer holders or even briefcases.
  • 3D scanners: They work by projecting a laser point or line on an object to, then, capture its reflex with sensors and get the details of all its sides and angles.
  • Extruders: They are in charge of pushing the filament to the 3D printer nozzle.
  • Hotends: Set of pieces through which the filament passes on 3D printers.
  • Spare parts: Such as fans, nozzles, teflon tubes, nozzles, switches, belt kits, fiberglass boards, fans, cables or pneumatic joints.

Buy Craftbot accessories and spare parts for 3D printers

Craftbot is one of the leading companies in innovation in additive manufacturing in Europe. Before known as CraftUnique, it develops, innovates and manufactures 3D printers. This Hungarian company was founded in 2014 and is based in Budapest. He launched his first 3D printer to the market in August 2014 and has since manufactured more than 10 models and sold more than 10,000 units around the world, also spare parts and accessories for 3D printers.

This European company offers great technical parameters while some products that are easy to use for an economic award. During his career he has received awards to the best 3D printers in the Budget category (best quality-price ratio), or the best pluginPlay (ready printrs).

Craftbot Accessories, manufactured in Europe

Craftbot has two factories in Hungary; one in Budapest, in an industrial area of the island of Szabadkikötő, and one in a city called Kecskemét. The company headquarters and its administrative team are also located in Budapest. Being a global brand also has its own membership in Canada and the United States.

Some Craftbot accessories and spare parts for 3D printers