Adhesive spray 3DLAC Smart Materials


    3DLAC spray is an adhesive printing3D Smart Materials transparent to provide greater adhesion in the first 3D printing layer of FDM technology. Low cost with simple handling that will save you time and more than a dislike in your 3D printing parts.


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    3DLAC adhesive in spray Smart Materials

    The glue for 3D printing Smart Materials 3DLAC is a special lacquer for 3D printers, suitable for all types of FDM or FFF printers.

    Characteristics of 3DLAC adhesive Smart Materials

    Its function is to help hold the first layer of plastic so that it does not move in the 3D printing start.

    Compatible hot beds but can also be used with cold beds.

    Thanks to the fixing provided in the first layer, the “warping” effect is avoided, that is, the piece is deformed as it is being built.

    Get a great grip power as the temperature of the hot bed increases working very well in the 100 and 110oC.

    When the piece cools it is extracted perfectly and without difficulty. It contains no unnecessary perfumes or additives.

    How to use 3DLAC adhesive in spray Smart Materials?

    How to apply lacquer 3DLAC Smart Materials It's very simple. Just apply a slight spray on the print base before starting the piece's manufacturing. Once cold, it retreats smoothly. To clean it is enough with a cloth moistened in water. But 3DLAC allows several uses with one saving product.

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