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Buy Zortrax 3D printer

The Polish company Zortrax develops 3D desktop printers and other additional devices to improve the printing and postprocessing processes of the parts. Zortrax uses innovative solutions and high quality materials in order to provide high accuracy in prints to companies and manufacturers. At the same time, thanks to its ease of use, its economic availability and its unique design, 3D printers Zortrax They are also chosen for their projects by individuals and fans from 90 countries around the world. The products Zortrax are known to receive many positive feedback and have won multiple awards in the 3D printing sector.

Zortrax 3D Printers, ready to use

The brand Zortrax allows you to enjoy the advantages of 3D printing without complications So, buy 3D printers Zortrax is synonymous with a high quality price ratio and, if the purchase with us, you will receive all the advice Triwee to learn how to use it step by step.

The best thing is that these 3D printers come fully assembled and include 3D models of sample and filaments, allowing you to start printing within a few minutes of getting them out of the box. You just have to calibrate them and print them because they are fakeplay and do not require assembly. Some of them are handled from a 4-inch touchscreen.

Some Zortrax 3D printer models

  • M200 Plus: High performance, with cubic shape metal structure.
  • M300: The XXL model of the range prints layers of up to 90 microns.
  • M300 Plus: Improved version of the M300.
  • M300 Dual: Use the LPD Plus technology.