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At Triwee you can find the best 3D printer filaments of the brand Smart Materials at affordable prices, with total guarantee and all the advice of our team to use in your projects.

Some Smart Materials 3D printer filaments

  • ABS (in various colors), ABS Fireproof, ABS Detectable Magneto, ABS Medical It is one of the most used materials in 3D printing by FDM technology. Hard, rigid and lightweight with very good print results. It requires a hot bed.
  • ASA
  • Boun
  • Natural Clean: It is a material for cleaning the 3D printer nozzle. Helps maintenance and good functioning by lengthening the useful life of the extrusor.
  • EP
  • Flex (in various colors)
  • Glace
  • Innovatefil Co-polyester Temperature +, Innovatefil Hydrosoluble, Innovatefil PA FC, Innovatefil PET FC, Innovatefil Polycarbonate, Innovatefil TPU Hardness
  • Natural PEEK
  • PETG (in various colors) and PETG Magneto detectable
  • PLA (in several colors), PLA antibacterial, PLA recycled (in various colors), PLA pastel (in various pastel colors), PLA wood (in various colors), PLA 3D850, PLA 3D870 The PLA filament or polylactic acid is a biodegradable, sustainable and versatile polymer. Unlike other everyday plastics, the PLA is manufactured from renewable resources such as corn, wheat or sugar cane, so it is biodegradable.
  • P
  • PVA and PVA Natural
  • Support

Buy Smart Materials 3D printer filaments

Smart Materials manufactures and designs new filaments oriented to the business sector and for individuals and makers. It controls the entire production process and has its own production line with advanced technology that cares for factors such as sustainability, environmental consumption and energy consumption.

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