Buy the best filaments for 3D printers

There are different types of filaments for 3D printers and, depending on the result you want to get, it is more convenient to use one or more when manufacturing or prototyping parts and designs. Some of them are the PVA, the PLA, the ABS, the PETG, the HIPS or the PET, and you can buy all of them at the online store Triwee.

We degenerate some of the types of filaments you can find in coils on our website:

Some types of 3D printer filaments

  • PLA: The 3D PLA printer filament, also called polylactic acid, is one of the most popular materials among desktop 3D printer users. It is a filament that offers good performance and combines high printing speed with very defined edges when the material cools correctly. The parts it produces have a low deformability and, in addition, the filament has a useful life of at least 12 months if it is preserved between 15 and 25 degrees.
  • ABS: The ABS filament is a fairly common thermoplastic polymer in the industry. It is known for its good resistance to low temperatures and light weight and can be purchased on the website Triwee. The ABS, also called acrylonitrile butadieno styrene, is easy to use and has a great durability and resistance to high shocks and temperatures.
  • PVA: PVA or polyvinyl alcohol is a water-soluble filament whose main function is to print support materials for the printing of complex 3D parts. Thus complex models with mobile structures can be printed without having to extract the support material manually afterwards, simply disbanding the PVA with water.
  • PETG: The PETG is a very resistant 3D printer filament also called terefthalate. Its most common use is the realization of plastic bottles. Over time, PET plastics have been added to a glycolized process to give them greater durability and resistance and improve their properties, which has led to PETG plastics.
  • HIPS:: Also known as High Impact Polystyrene or high-impact polystyrene, the HIPS is a polymer that is based on a polystyrene mix and polybutadiene rubber. Its composition gives it a strong resistance to chemical solvents. In addition, it should be noted that it is a biodegradable material and very used as a support since it is easily dissolved in lemon.
  • TPU: Thermoplastic polyurethane is an elastomer characterized by high flexibility and durability in the transformation. It has alternating sequences of hard and soft segments, which makes its features also change. It is a very interesting option to print flexible 3D models.

Buy 3D printer resins

This type of material is indicated for stereotyped 3D printers. The resins are photosensitive and hardened under the influence of laser or applied light. Using resin and laser allows you to create very thin layers of millimetric precision. On the website Triwee You can find different types of resins to give with the right for your creations.